4 Tips For Organizing Your Restaurant's Commercial Refrigerator


Running a restaurant can be challenging and exciting. But there are also a lot of details to attend to and health codes that must be followed. Properly organizing your commercial refrigerator is essential to keeping food fresh and ready to serve. If you are a new restaurant owner, use the following tips to keep your commercial refrigerator organized:

Always Store Meats on the Bottom Shelf

Most restaurants have a variety of meat dishes on their menu and it is important to store meats properly. When putting away food orders, it is important to ensure that all meats are placed on the lowest shelve of the refrigerator. Doing this can help ensure that if any meats leak blood, marinade, or any other type of liquid, the rest of the food in the refrigerator will not accidentally be contaminated. It is also easier to clean the refrigerator after an accidental leakage if the meats are stored on the bottom shelf.

Don't Pack the Refrigerator Too Full

In order for a commercial refrigerator to work properly and keep food at the right temperature the cool air needs to be able to flow freely. If the refrigerator is completely packed full of food, there will be no room for airflow and some foods may end up reaching an unsafe temperature. Make sure that you leave a few inches between packages of food, and keep all products a few inches away from the walls of the refrigerator.

Use the First In First Out System

Most restaurants strive to use the freshest ingredients possible, and how you organize your restaurants refrigerator can make a big difference. When you receive a new food order, make sure everything is properly labeled with the date that it was received. New products should be placed in the back of the refrigerator in order to ensure that older products are used first. Make sure that all employees understand this policy so their is no food spoilage or wastage.

Beware of the Fan

A commercial refrigerator has a very powerful fan that runs often in order to keep everything cold. Think about the location of your refrigerator's fans before storing food items. More delicate items, such as berries and fresh greens, should not be stored right next to the fan vent, as they can be prone to freezer burn. Store heartier items near the fan vent and place delicate food items as far away as possible. 

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26 February 2017

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