3 Things You Need To Do To Get The Best Burger


If you really want to enjoy the best burger possible, there are a few things in your burger making and enjoying routine that you are going to need to change. If you want the best taking burger, get the meat ground fresh, add bulk to your patties and shape your patties in a uniform manner when the meat is cold.

#1 Get The Meat Ground Fresh

When you buy hamburger that is already ground up, it often contains beef scrapes that are not from the highest quality cuts. If you want to enjoy the freshest and highest quality meat, pick out a piece of beef and then ask the butcher to grind it for you on the spot. Go for a high quality cut of meat, such as chuck, brisket or sirloin. When choosing the cut of meat, also look for meat that specifically says that it was grass fed. Grass-fed meat is not only tastier, it is also better for you. Grass-fed meat contains a higher percentage of linoleic acid compared to other types of beef. Linoleic acid is great for your heart and helps reduce your risk of heart disease.

If you have the equipment, you can also take the meat home and grind it up yourself. If you choose to grind it yourself, be sure to use one of the coarsest settings. Using one of the coarser settings will help prevent the meat from getting stuck in your grinder.

#2 Add Bulk To Your Burger

Second, your burger should not just contain meat. A good burger also has other things added into it. Button mushrooms, peppers and onions, chopped up small and mixed into your hamburger meat, can make the meat juicier and more flavorful. You can also add some oatmeal into your burger meat. Oatmeal will add some fiber to your meal and help you stretch out your meat.

#3 Be Precise When Shaping Your Burgers

If you often end up with a couple really big burgers and a few smaller burgers, get more precise when you shape your burgers. Use a peanut butter jar lid to mold your burgers. A lid is better than a cookie cutter because a lid ensures that not only are all of your burgers the same shape, they are also the same height. This will ensure that no one ends up with a smaller burger than anyone else. Additionally, when your burger patties are uniform in shape, they will also cook more uniform, resulting in more evenly cooked burgers.

When you shape your burgers, make sure the meat is cold and has just been pulled out of the fridge. When you mold the meat when it is warm, the fat often pulls apart from the meat, which results in burgers that are not as juicy or flavorful. Once you have shaped your patties, if you are not ready to put them directly on the grill. 


29 October 2017

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