Suggestions for Offering a Superior Gluten-Free Product at Your Burger Restaurant


With more and more people choosing to follow gluten-free diets, it's important for restaurants to be able to accommodate their customers' needs. If a certain restaurant doesn't offer enticing food choices for someone choosing to avoid gluten, this customer will take his or her business elsewhere. If you operate a burger restaurant, gluten plays a key role in the meals that you prepare for your customers. However, in order to attract those who follow a gluten-free diet, you'll need to make some changes to your menu. Here are some tips that you can employ—and widely publicize—so that gluten-free diners see you as a suitable choice.

Remove The Filler From Your Patties

There are some burger restaurants that use different fillers to bulk up their burger patties. Doing so is often a financial decision, as there are many fillers that are cheaper to buy than meat. Wheat is a common filler for burger patties, but this type of offering won't be safe for gluten-free customers to order—and they may seek out a different restaurant with more gluten-free choices. Removing the filler from your patties and offering 100 percent beef is a move that your gluten-free customers will appreciate, and it's something that other diners will also favor.

Offer Bun Alternatives

When it comes to eating burgers, one of the biggest changes for a gluten-free diet follower is having to avoid eating a traditional wheat bun. While some people are fine with eating their burger patty and condiments with a knife and fork, others enjoy the act of picking up the burger to eat it. In order to accommodate this clientele, offer lettuce wraps. Placing the patty and toppings and a large lettuce leaf can allow the person to eat his or her burger in a tidy manner. You may also wish to offer gluten-free buns, such as those made with rice flour.

Improve Your Toppings

Lots of burger toppings can contain gluten, so you'll also want to offer toppings that are safe for your gluten-free diners. There are plenty of commercial condiments that unexpectedly contain gluten, so you'll want to double check with the manufacturers of the products to ensure that what you're using is free of gluten. Give some thought to the more creative toppings that you offer. If you have onion rings on some of your burgers, for example, they won't be suitable because they're breaded in what flour. Offering onion rings breaded in rice or corn flour can be a gluten-free alternative.

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26 February 2018

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