Are You Celebrating A New Teenager's Birthday?


Is your son or daughter turning thirteen years old? If so, you probably have some really mixed emotions about that. On one hand, you might be sad that the years are going by so quickly. You might be thinking about the times that your child thought you hung the moon and the stars, wanting to be with you every minute of the day. On the other hand, you are probably excited to realize that your child is going to be having new experiences that lead to adulthood. Whatever your emotions, you are more than likely planning a celebration to commemorate the fact that your child is now a teenager. From sending out invitations to arranging for pizza delivery, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a birthday celebration that your child will remember for a very long time.

The Invitations - Is it a surprise party? If so, consider taking your child's best friend into your confidence. His or her friend will know which friends to invite so that you won't leave anybody important off the guest list. If it is not a surprise party, you might add some fun to the event by including your son-to-be-teenager in the planning. Certainly you can send email invitations or even phone all the kids who will be coming to the party. However, there's just something very special about receiving an invitation in the mail. Think about making the invitations yourself, with the number 13 as the focus of the invitation. For example, you could simply put thirteen happy faces on the front of the invitation with the accompaniment of words like Happy Day! There's A New Teenager In The World!

The Celebration - Will you be having the party at your own house? If so, consider playing games that center on the number thirteen. For example, have a guessing game where there are thirteen questions that have to be answered by teams. The first team to answer all the questions gets thirteen jelly beans for each person on the team. Another idea is to have each guest say thirteen facts or funny stories about the honored birthday person. Of course, food will be a big part of the party. Arrange for pizza delivery. Do you know any kid who doesn't like pizza? Think about getting both cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza, two standards that are usually well received. Tell the person who takes your order how many kids there will be and he or she will know how many pizzas you should order. 


22 May 2018

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