How To Find And Enjoy A Neighborhood Restaurant When Traveling


When you visit a new city or region, you want to get a true feel for its atmosphere and culture. Part of doing that is experiencing the food that the locals enjoy. You won't always find true, authentic regional cuisine at the bigger restaurants in the busy sections, since those places are catering to tourists. You're better off dining at tiny neighborhood restaurants. But how do you find those restaurants, and how do you ensure a good experience at one? Here are a couple of tips to guide you:

Check local papers.

In small towns, especially, newspapers are still used to advertise. Small businesses rely on them to get the word out to locals. This means that most restaurants you see advertised in a local paper are going to be small and privately owned. It also means that the restaurant owners meant for locals to see the ad — so locals, not tourists, are their main clientele. If you see a restaurant advertised in a local paper, it's probably an authentic choice.

Ask in shops and other small businesses.

Wander into a few shops and other small businesses in town, and ask the store owners or employees where they would recommend eating. Often, restaurateurs and shop owners know each other, since they do business in the same town, and the shop owners will tell you about a friend's place that you just have to try. 

Be friendly and express your interest.

The owners of small local restaurants may not be used to interacting with tourists, but most are really excited to meet and get to know outsiders, so long as you are friendly. When you sit down to eat, introduce yourself and ask some questions about the restaurant. When did it open? What is their specialty? What is the chef really proud of? You'll be amazed how well you're treated at a small place when you show an interest.

Ask for recommendations.

Some of the items on the menu might be dishes you're less familiar with, but you don't want to pass up an authentic dish just because you were not sure what it was. Ask the waiter or restaurant owner to recommend dishes for you to try. This way, you won't leave not having tried the region's most famous foods.

Venturing out to find a neighborhood restaurant gives you much better perspective on a new place than eating at a large chain restaurant in the city.

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29 September 2019

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