Running an Organic Restaurant Profitably


Restaurants in general run on a pretty small profit margin. Add the complexity of serving only organic food to the mix, and you have yourself quite the challenge. It is possible to run an organic restaurant profitably, but you will need to be very careful, very thoughtful, and ready to adapt at a moment's notice. Here are a few tips to help you along.

1. Choose ingredients that don't spoil readily.

Organic ingredients are even more expensive than conventional ingredients, and every little bit you throw away will eat into your profits. It is therefore wise to choose mostly ingredients that have a longer shelf life. This way, if customers do not order a certain dish for a couple of days, you don't have to worry about all your stock spoiling in the meantime. Here are a few examples:

  • Choose iceberg and romaine lettuce, which last several weeks, over field greens, which last several days.
  • Opt for whole cuts of meat rather than ground meat.
  • Use more hard cheeses, like cheddar, and fewer soft cheeses, like fresh mozzarella.

2. Keep the menu short.

Instead of offering 20 different dishes, create a menu of just five or six choices. This way, you won't stock ingredients that don't get used. You can also change the menu every couple of weeks depending on what's on sale, in season, and affordable at the time. This allows you to maximize your savings. Organic ingredients purchased locally and in-season are not nearly as expensive as imported, off-season items, but you can charge the same (if not more) for a dish made from these items.

3. Target the right customers.

Think about who your customer base is and what they might be looking for in a restaurant. People who eat organic are likely to also eat vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian. Make sure you offer options to meet these dietary needs on your menu. If you gain customers with these needs, they will be loyal and repeat customers since so many restaurants do not offer dishes they can eat. A customer that comes in again and again and brings their friends is worth their weight in gold.

Running an organic restaurant profitably is sure to be a challenge, considering the niche market and the high cost of ingredients. However, with the tips above, this goal can be within your grasp. Keep trying, and keep pushing forward; you can do this. Contact organic food services to learn more. 


14 July 2020

Understanding The Key To A Restaurant's Success

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