3 Stainless Steel Sinks to Use in Your Restaurant


Sinks are integral to the smooth operation of any restaurant. When you're setting up your restaurant kitchen, it's important to evaluate the many different sinks that are on the market so that you can decide which ones to buy. Space permitting, you'll want to have a few sinks available for your kitchen staff to use. Kitchens need to operate efficiently, and having just one sink can create delays as chefs and cooks wait to use it for various purposes. Your local kitchen supplier likely has several stainless steel sinks in stock, including these three types.

Compartment Sink

A stainless steel compartment sink is a standard sink that you'll find in virtually every restaurant. It gets its name from its design, which features multiple compartments. For example, you'll commonly sink stainless steel compartment sinks with two compartments and three compartments. Having multiple compartments will allow your kitchen staff to perform more than one task at the same time. For example, one cook might use one compartment to wash some vegetables, while another might use the adjacent compartment to rinse some seafood.

Bar Sink 

Another important stainless steel sink to have in your restaurant is a bar sink. Bar sinks vary in design, but they tend to be small. Many of these sinks are narrow, which can allow you to fit them into compact areas. If you want to have a bar area in your establishment, your bar staff will use a bar sink in numerous ways. Even if you don't have a formal bar area, this compact sink can be handy for filling pitchers of water, dumping used ice cubes to melt, and other common tasks.

Hand Wash Sink

A hand wash sink is another type of stainless steel sink that is common in restaurant kitchens. Kitchen staff members need to wash their hands multiple times each shift, and it's ideal for them to perform this task in a dedicated area. You don't want someone washing their hands in a compartment sink, for example. Not only would they monopolize the sink for several seconds, but there could also be a risk of some soap splashing onto food that you have nearby. It's common to situate your hand wash sink in an area of the kitchen that is convenient to access, but that won't be in the way of people while they work. Learn more about stainless steel sinks by visiting stores like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.


25 August 2021

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