Last Minute Fun: Setting Up For An Impromptu Semi Formal Party


Reasons for celebrating can creep up when you least expect it. For family and friends, a new promotion, an unexpected pregnancy, or a going away party are all reasons to gather together with loved ones. For social clubs, some events can come up such as a change in leadership or celebrating a major goal being reached. If you are planning a last-minute function for a social club, here are some ways that you can provide proper food and entertainment quickly.  

Make the event semi-formal

An event feels immediately more planned if the event is semi-formal. This allows men and women to come in nice dresses, suits, or done up in other ways that make them look and feel nice. Along with requesting a semi-formal dress, be sure that the venue is semi-formal in decor. Proper table linens with flowers or plants as a centerpiece is the perfect way to decorate each table. A good venue can always be found at hotels in the area that have grand ballrooms with plenty of space for tables, food set up, and dancing. 

Set up Italian catering

A safe genre of food to order that will offer many choices for most is Italian food. Italian food comes with several types of pasta, polenta, and meat dishes. Salads, soups, bread, and many types of savory desserts are all a part of Italian cuisine and are enjoyable to the masses. Ask an Italian catering company what services they offer. They can prepare a buffet of as many different dishes as possible. Have a separate cash bar and a dessert table set up with gelato, cannoli, and other sweets. As Italy is also known for cappuccino, an after-dinner cappuccino should be served to any participant interested in having a pep in their step before a long night of dancing or speeches. 

Hire a nice DJ or musicians

Depending on the type of music you want to have for your party, you can find a DJ or even live musicians for the party. If you want to have a variety of music, a good DJ is a perfect person to have on the scene. As long as you have plenty of space for dancing in the center of the floor, the DJ can keep the fun part of the party going all night. If you prefer jazz or soothing music, a live band of musicians is a good purchase. Be sure to have a proper stage area for the musicians and provide a playlist or genre that you would like played for the night. 


24 October 2022

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