3 Advantages Of Ordering Main Entrees For Children


When you take your child out to eat, the first thing they will often seek out is the children's menu. The specialty menu includes a wide range of options and typical fare like chicken nuggets or hot dogs. While the children's menu does have options, you can find advantages of ordering main entrees for children.

The next time you visit local restaurants, consider some of these benefits and reasons to stick with the regular menu.

1. New Tastes And Flavors

When a chef makes an item on a kid's menu, it's mostly to appease the typical bland tastes that children enjoy. Typically, the options will include frozen foods that get deep fried and served up quickly. When a child orders from a main menu, they can enjoy a wide selection of fresh food options.

The cuisine and types of food are what the restaurant owners and chefs intended to make. More care is put into those meals and a child can enjoy much higher quality food this way. A child may also discover all new flavors and meals they never tried before. You can let them branch out to try meals like seafood or specialty pasta dishes.

A lot of times a child just has to get over the hurdle over actually trying the foods and then they can learn to enjoy the wide range of flavors.

2. Appetizer Options

Raising children is all about compromise. When you take your child to a restaurant, you may not let them order off the children's menu, but you can let them pick an appetizer or side instead. For example, a child could order a side of fries with their main entrée instead of a kid's meal that comes with fries. 

This way, a child has more food options and can still try out the expanded options on the regular menu.

3. Leftovers For Parents

Entrée meals typically include a lot bigger portions than a kid's meal. So whether the child likes the meal or not, a parent has some leftovers to look forward to if a child does not finish. You can take the leftovers home so the food does not get wasted and enjoy the meal yourself.

If a child loves the meal and wants to eat the leftovers, then they can have them for their next meal as well. For example, you could pack up the leftovers as a main lunch for school the next day.

Show children restaurant menus ahead of time so they can really study their options and venture away from the limitations of a kid's menu.


18 May 2023

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