Ways To Encourage Customers To Order More Pizza


Do you have pizza on your restaurant menu, but barely ever have customers order it? Maybe you want more of them to order the pizza because you want to go through the ingredients faster and because pizza is easy for the kitchen staff to make. How can you encourage customers to order more pizza? Here are a few tactics to try.

1. Move it to the front of the menu.

If you have folded menus, the problem might be that your guests are finding something to order in the front of the menu before they even get to the pizza. So, try moving the pizza to the front of the menu. Make sure you have the information about your menus printed prominently so that people realize pizza is one of your key items and something you make well. 

2. Have your servers mention it.

Have your servers mention pizza as an option when customers sit down at the table. As they are handing out the menus, they can tell diners that you are featuring pizza that day and show them where it is on the menu, or they can entice diners by saying that you make the dough fresh each day. This mention will turn guests on to the idea of ordering pizza, even if that was not their plan when they initially came in.

3. Do something to make your pizza unique.

Your pizza may already be amazing, but if there is nothing that makes it stand out from other pizzas on paper, that could be why customers are not showing too much interest. Make a change to your pizza that really sets it apart, and one that you can mention on the menu.

For example, you could make all of your pizzas with a blend of four cheeses. You could make your own sauce in-house and advertise that your pizzas are all topped with house-made sauce. Or, you could do something unique with your crust, such as making all of your pizzas oval-shaped or making them all into small rectangles. As word spreads about your unique pizza, more people will come in wanting to try it after having heard about it from friends.

If your goal is to sell more pizza, taking the steps above should help you do it. Remember to be patient. It will take a few weeks or even a few months for word to spread about your pizza.


26 May 2021

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