Reasons To Choose A Local Restaurant Over A Chain


In most cities, you have a selection of locally-owned restaurants and also some chain restaurants. Now, chains definitely have their place. They provide a consistent experience across the board, and they really cater to customers seeking something familiar. But if consistency is not your top priority, you're often better off dining at a locally-owned restaurant. Here are the benefits of doing so. Your money supports the local economy. Chain restaurants are operated by large companies.

16 November 2021

3 Stainless Steel Sinks to Use in Your Restaurant


Sinks are integral to the smooth operation of any restaurant. When you're setting up your restaurant kitchen, it's important to evaluate the many different sinks that are on the market so that you can decide which ones to buy. Space permitting, you'll want to have a few sinks available for your kitchen staff to use. Kitchens need to operate efficiently, and having just one sink can create delays as chefs and cooks wait to use it for various purposes.

25 August 2021

Ways To Encourage Customers To Order More Pizza


Do you have pizza on your restaurant menu, but barely ever have customers order it? Maybe you want more of them to order the pizza because you want to go through the ingredients faster and because pizza is easy for the kitchen staff to make. How can you encourage customers to order more pizza? Here are a few tactics to try. 1. Move it to the front of the menu.

26 May 2021

Two Mac And Cheese Dishes That Are Full Entrees


Macaroni and cheese dishes are often seen as a side and not as an entire entree. But all you really need to do is add a few extra ingredients to the dish, and you can have a full entree to enjoy for dinner. Really, you can add whatever you like — chicken, broccoli, onion, or any number of other ingredients. However, it is nice to have a starting point. Here are two mac and cheese entree options you may want to consider.

17 February 2021